To coin a phrase; “What a week it’s been!!”

I’m sure even those of you that have been out enjoying the sunshine will still have seen at least one of my many social media posts. (Sorry to inundate you all!!)  It has been a week now since I launched my first range of Tracey Hey stamps and I have been absolutely blown away by the response.  I was so excited but also a little nervous about whether people would like my designs; well it seems I didn’t need to be!

I have been very lucky to have found support from a number of “professional crafters” who have given me advice, feedback and reassurance and who have made, and are making, some beautiful samples using my stamps, I really do feel very lucky and appreciative.

I have also been thrilled by the lovely comments on social media posts and by the orders; which have been flowing in all week.  I have been a regular at the local post office with parcels destined for the USA, Germany, Norway, France, Spain, and all over the UK; Scotland and Ireland included  (think that covers them all!?!)  For those that have already received their orders this week, I have had fabulous feedback and have seen some beautiful crafty makes; thank you all.

It has been a busy week all round with lots of lovely new cria arriving on farm, lots of paperwork to be done and the usual challenges of keeping track of Oliver & Georgia’s activities (not to mention watching football!)  I’ve also been working on a commission which I will share in the coming week.

Next week is set to be a busy one too but more about that another time!

I’ll leave you with a few photos ..

The maternity group enjoying the sprinkler today…

A work in progress featuring stamps from the new “Wild at Heart” set…

To sum up the mood for the week….